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  • Value 2 Pack Microfiber Waffle Towel - Great size[40 x60 CM] design to clip to your golf bag or your belt loop. [Black/White] set golf towels allow you always have one as a backup. Take it with you to the course, clean your golf ball before putting, clean your club after swings.
  • Heavy Duty  Metal body, 30 inches steel cord Retractable Clip - Aluminum clip/carabiner that conveniently attaches to your golf bag or belt loop, prevents loose clip and lost towels.
  • Smooth & Silent Cord Pull
    There’s nothing worse than cheap quality badge holders with plastic cords that snag and squeal every time you use them! We know that quality matters for active daily use.That’s why we’ve engineered this cord for superior durability and supreme satisfying smoothness every time you pull with strongly steel cord.
  • Superb Cleaning Ability - Super absorbent, lightweight microfiber that remove dirt from golf grooves quickly. Durable, fabric that dries fast. Reinforcement around the towel allows it can be machine-washed and reused often.
  • Light Weight & Perfect Size - Everlasting Pride Golf Towel is designed to be a convenient CLEANING Towel that can be easy to be carried with you but not weigh you down. You can have it wherever on the golf course.
  • Package List: in this pack, you get 2 super absorbent microfiber waffle towels and 2 hook and loop fasteners and 1 Heavy duty retractable metal clip. Stock up for the season on a Value Pack at a great price.

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